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AC Asset Fund Management Co., Ltd.

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Ministry to manage mutual funds, provident funds, and private funds. With an expertise in offering products and continued achievements in sound and stable portfolio management, and strict adherence to a code of ethics and realization of the best interests of investors, the company's net asset value under its management has gradually increased and reached 1,000,000 Million Dollar as of Jul 30, 2019.

ACAsset is an outstanding asset management company that is prompt in the area of service, research and investment management. Aiming to be the best quality asset management company, ACAsset stands with highly qualified personnel along with latest technology, together with a thorough knowledge of primary research and analysis of individual companies. ACAsset also promotes efficient teamwork and maintains high standard of integrity and ethic.


The Company aims to become the best asset management company and secure the public's trust through our Statement of Business Conduct, as well as having the capability to offer a variety of financial services with efficiency, transparency and social responsibility by harmoniously combining technology and human resources. We regard our customers' benefit as our priority, and will continue to create satisfaction based on fairness to clients, shareholders and employees.

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